we continue


be the lightning in me
that strikes relentless
wings outstretched
you speak to me
but what if i never see you
again as you are now
yet you have all-seeing ability
like a prophecy

i ride you now
like the wind and sun
the place in which we started
we continue
la façon dont nous avons commence
avons continuons
malgré tout,
tu as toujours aimé moi

© r.e.l. 7/9/10


she only wants him
to hear her
to feel her syllables
like a feather touching his skin
even for a second
so she keeps trying
for that triumph
why?  because she loves him

what else can she do
but wait for his cocoon to open
on its own time
she cannot open it for him
though he secretly wishes she would
to free him of his prison
she knows its in the struggle that he grows
she can relax though
she gets forever afterall
because he walked into her dream with a purpose
to never leave

© r.e.l. 6/29/10


**this post is for Poetry Potluck Week 15 (reflections, interpretations, and musings) on Jingle Poetry


victory of love over time

I’m reading the book “The Time Traveler’s Wife” after seeing the movie a couple months ago.  It felt that somehow there is a message in it for my destiny — a sort of answer to my life.  Not that I am a time-traveler or know of one, but that I am fascinated by time and any talk of past, present and future relating in ways other than chronological.  I love to wrap my mind around Einstein’s thoughts on time and that there is no such thing as linear time; we made it up.

Of course it’s a love story that touches my heart.  He always returns to her. And there are similarities with her knowing she is doing what she has to do for love, despite the waiting and loneliness, that mimics my life. But it’s the notion of time that brings me to write now.

They meet in different stages of their life, spontaneously.  How often do I wonder what the person I love looked like and sounded like in future years, or in past years.  And how would we be together at different ages, different age gaps, and different stages of life.  It is a story to remind me that age and time do not matter when it comes to love.  Love is the victor in the end. True love is timeless and never ends.  It is the beginning and the ending.

© r.e.l. 6/16/10