star on a distant paradise

where are you now
in this moment, i ask
climbing a ladder to a distant cloud
that only i know…
floating on a bubble under a wave of life?

you are crazy
with the mystery you breathe
you are the pure energy
of love
… fire mixed with water
and raindrops inside sand

you are tears and joy forever intertwined
like a bird not knowing his wings

still… after all
you know you are

the one who saved me from a distant paradise

and you are true

© r.e.l.  11/4/10

image nightbird2

Posted on Poetry Potluck 7/10-7/17/11 on Jingle Poetry


the wave on my shore

it lures me
to you
the journey to find my roots
through your bath
of the unknown…

immersed in the impossible
yet, reaching my bliss…
through you

i penetrate you
as the wave on my shore

© r.e.l. 11/8/10