its vapors

as the mist, its vapors
turns my air
to its breath
i can feel that i knew you
before i knew…

you burned me
with your fire
i have always known you

and even when i did know
i didn’t know yet
yet i knew too…
that all along
you were building a mystery
that had dissolved into me

© r.e.l. 4/20/11

image of me at marin headlands by simsha

**featured in Touched By Fire on redbubble

posted for The Thursday Post 21.4.11 on Ethereal Heights
posted for Poetry Potluck 4/24-4/30/11 on Jingle Poetry

16 thoughts on “its vapors

  1. This was truly inspirational and so very personal and lovely.. Thank you for sharing it.

    I have known someone that I have known too..I can easily connect with this piece..

    Cheers~~~ Jen

  2. Oh, yes, I can relate to this beautifully expressed poem too.

    I have felt I have known people before when I first meet them–because I have.

    Lovely, Robin.


  3. I loved it Robyn!
    So beautifully done.. 🙂

    Although I feel it’s a disorder- but often I feel I have known them- maybe from previous lives.. 😀

    Mystery..? Yes, for sure!

    Hugs xox

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