and then…

by simeon schatz

and then
it’s you, as you pass by…

in your hair
i’m not sure
but i think i see
an object of you

burning your light
in the water…

© r.e.l. 12/27/11

posted on Micropoetry Society

posted for Thursday Poet Rally 12/28/11-1/4/12 on The Poetry Palace

20 thoughts on “and then…

  1. A subtle image, yet an immediate one. I’ve been thinking a bit about the Imagist poets lately and so I look for things that are being clearly defined.
    I’ve been looking at your profile – Iive on the other side of the world just about; I find yoga difficult but know the worth of meditation.
    Go well.

  2. I have to say that of the fifteen poems that I read before yours from the poetry palace yours is my favorite…simple, clean, and thought provoking. thank you for sharing! I think I’ll follow your site, come say hi some time…

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