to be protected

darkened sun speaking … through what hides … deep in its cocoon
but to risk your heart opening, oh simple soul, will change your life
hold the belief of you … to be protected .. to be loved

© r.e.l. 6/3/12

image by simeon schatz

posted for Poetry Picnic 6/3-6/10/12 on Jingle Poetry

is this me? moving toward, moving away…

So what does wholeness look like to me? I thought this summary I played with recently was a wonderful way to describe my view on this subject.  For it is when I am depicting all of these words at once, as taken from my personal blog I write here (generated by a tool called Wordle), that I feel most whole.

I can get a cue as to what I avoid in life, in my search for wholeness, if I watch what it is I try to withhold to others in my conversations. These are my truths which I run from and hide even from myself, as I lack confidence to orate them. The fear is controlled by my unconscious.  These are the inner truths that point to my fear of being who I truly am, as Neil Legault quotes:

Catch yourself trying to avoid telling someone your truth about yourself and you will see how you hide yourself from life.  This is the pointer that shows you your fear of being who you truly are.

I seek to bring myself into wholeness by merging my mind with my spiritual beliefs.  The two act aside each other naturally, and when the dark clouds come, I have to work diligently in meditation to remember the sun is always shining above it — something greater than me.

© r.e.l. 10/10/10


perfect moment

what is perfect?
what does it mean?
perfect feeling in your heart?
perfect smile on the face of the person looking
into you?
perfect song?
perfect candle?
perfect light of the sun shining down upon you?
how about a perfect moment.
that is what i had.

© r.e.l. 7/26/10

we continue


be the lightning in me
that strikes relentless
wings outstretched
you speak to me
but what if i never see you
again as you are now
yet you have all-seeing ability
like a prophecy

i ride you now
like the wind and sun
the place in which we started
we continue
la façon dont nous avons commence
avons continuons
malgré tout,
tu as toujours aimé moi

© r.e.l. 7/9/10