am i?

Image Source Page: words
and time
we find our way

cobwebs of fears
clarity that whispers

dusty ashes, long ago speaking
of time gone by
sunlight laughing
on beaches with no name

when in the end
what i really want to know is
am i worth it?

© r.e.l. 7/5/11

Posted for Poetry Potluck 7/3-7/9/11 on Jingle Poetry

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10 thoughts on “am i?

  1. Robin,
    I loved the connection into Yoga – the poetry of the body; and Words – the poetry of the soul.

    and in this poem the conjunction of memory and lost detail into the joy that has always been working in us, toward the immortal question.

    Wonderful poetry.

    • wow, thanks for the comments.. yes, yoga is a big part of life for me (as well as psychology, diving deep into who we are to really come to terms), as are words, that i can only hear in silence.. i’m glad you enjoyed the connection and followed the links to my articles 🙂

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