i see you
in the mirror of my life
there in the twilight
not knowing.. not breathing.. just being..

who is to know what is real?

stealing myself
from the fire in my aura
you are alive with the heat that wraps around you in a field
of that which is alive,

yet not.

© r.e.l. 1/23/11

image ‘Red Tree Spirit’ by Ron Moss

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river of time

you exist
outside the river of time

so do i
passing through the veil
to this place in my heart

a journey through
before finding the sun…

in me there is magic to this life
to realize the answers

because love survives
tattooed forever
as the one
who will find the way
forever enchanted
to eternity

© r.e.l. 7/4/10

victory of love over time

I’m reading the book “The Time Traveler’s Wife” after seeing the movie a couple months ago.  It felt that somehow there is a message in it for my destiny — a sort of answer to my life.  Not that I am a time-traveler or know of one, but that I am fascinated by time and any talk of past, present and future relating in ways other than chronological.  I love to wrap my mind around Einstein’s thoughts on time and that there is no such thing as linear time; we made it up.

Of course it’s a love story that touches my heart.  He always returns to her. And there are similarities with her knowing she is doing what she has to do for love, despite the waiting and loneliness, that mimics my life. But it’s the notion of time that brings me to write now.

They meet in different stages of their life, spontaneously.  How often do I wonder what the person I love looked like and sounded like in future years, or in past years.  And how would we be together at different ages, different age gaps, and different stages of life.  It is a story to remind me that age and time do not matter when it comes to love.  Love is the victor in the end. True love is timeless and never ends.  It is the beginning and the ending.

© r.e.l. 6/16/10


through the vines

through the vines
connecting my blood to infinity
i move so that i can water
your roots.
they reach out to me so…
each with its own strength, its own sound
its own breath, its own life
yet moving together as one.

i find you
where you are raw
not dark
but vulnerable
needing to be held
to feel safe
my breath, my attention
to your every need
your every call for touch
to be an open room
for you to pour your soul into.
you ask that of me
and i hear you.

your warmth has the power to soothe
and pierce me
to puncture the balloon
where i keep my secrets
can you feel it now?
as a bit seeps out
released in the air, to the open
to find its way
no longer trapped, no longer secret.

a veil between you and me
its thin yet it covers
that which we need to protect
until time opens its wings for our flight.

© r.e.l. 4/7/10

inspired by an embodied meditation at CIIS

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