my mystique

it would seem
that as it goes
there is no
color before the storm

we stand together, all good
with wonder
is there another way
that’s right
to shake my mystique?

speak to me now
in the only way
you know how

© r.e.l. 4/8/12

image by simeon schatz photography

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half spoken, half heard

i believe you
in every word
there is a silence
and past reminding me

you who have answers… or do you call them reasons…

reasons with questions that ask me do you always speak to me in colors that keep their beauty?  through tears in paper that beg to know me?

through words, half spoken, half written, half heard but always known…

like the pages of time
i ask myself now, who am i?
but you know better, so i flip through the pages

to find you, to find me, to find the other half of me..

© r.e.l. 1/12/11

Image of ‘Lost Goddess Diaries: The Truth BE Told’ by AmandaGWright

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