and then…

by simeon schatz

and then
it’s you, as you pass by…

in your hair
i’m not sure
but i think i see
an object of you

burning your light
in the water…

© r.e.l. 12/27/11

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i’ll let you into me

you see me
you see into me
you sit with me
and feel into me
you know i look to you
to see myself

and in you
i see
a place that needs to heal
i see yearning
and a need to bond
with another
who can feel deeply
into you
someone who gives
all of herself, not part
when she feels

i’ll let you into me
when i feel you
looking into me
knowing me
breathing me

© r.e.l. 3/21/08

(almost 3 years ago… and the feeling is still current)

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do you wear a mask: are you a mystery?

With the cooler fall weather arriving and Halloween around the corner, I am reminded of masks. I’m not thinking of costumes though in this moment, but of the idea underneath.  It is during these masquerade parties that we can play with the idea of hiding our identity and being another side of our psyche.

But, how many people actually hide behind a mask, although invisible, all the time?  It can be a negative idea.  Interestingly enough though, there is an art to living a balanced, healthy masquerade life.


Some of us are an open book, while others gravitate toward being a mystery to others.  I myself prefer to a be a mystery, taking it slow as the self unwinds.

Anticipation grows, as do deeper feelings, as attempts are made to solve the mystery.  I find it painful (in an interesting and humorous way) to watch others project all of their own views on what they need me to be — filling in the gaps of the unknown — when not much is revealed.  Is the human need to connect with a blank slate really real?  Yes. In noticing this phenomena, along with the slowness I enjoy to relationship unfolding, I take much comfort in observing this.

For, they are the ones putting the mask on me, and not the other way around.  I am invincible and perfect, or I am quite the opposite if they have some unconscious darkness to clear, whom they need to love with all of their hate and can only do it while looking into a fictitious mirror called Me.

Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to be put on such a pedestal sometimes; in fact, this image can even have the power to manifest into a truth if I really believe it.  Hmmm…. maybe I should take these facades more seriously…


I’m not saying that I don’t do it too.  For, I do.  It is a fulfilling way to make the fantasy and dream come true!  For sure.

But removing the mask, which often entails an entire body armor of mind, body and soul, is best.  To see the true person as they are…

But, do it slowly as the best stuff does not show its truth when rushed.

chi va piano va sano va lontano
(who goes slowly, goes healthy)

~Italian proverb~

© r.e.l. 10/20/10

in the mirror

i see myself
in the mirror

as you gather
my hair together
and wrap it around your wrist
for a moment
i am your p r i s o n e r…

eyes glassy i gaze
at a layering
of all my previous days
and all the time that is coming
and suddenly
i feel as if
i’ve become

© r.e.l. 8/26/10

inspired by The Time Traveler’s Wife

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your reflection

see the cage that you built
are you sure which side you’re on
what if all the world you think you knew
were an elaborate dream?

if you look at your reflection
is that all you want to be
if you could look right through
would you find yourself?

you can live in this illusion
you can chose to believe
i see your sadness
your beauty
i go home without it
without you
with a tear
yet to live my life anew

it’s ok

r.e.l. 8/17/10

**most words by nine inch nails

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i am

i am an ocean
of words
you a chaser of silence…
and i am yours now

like a team
we balance
not pushing the river
that flows by itself
in the mirrors of us
what we seek
to diminish
to crave
we are
within the roots
that bind us
after the words
nothing changes
yet everything does

© r.e.l. 4/28/10