i will
plant more
near the flower
that is you

walking away now
to your
in a dream
where a shadow
misses your touch

f a i n t l y, with eyes closed
a fire burns, a purple hue
and its silence speaks

© r.e.l. 4/22/11

image on “suntrail” in mill valley, ca

posted for Poetry Potluck 4/24-4/30/11 on Jingle Poetry


come up for air

on the mission to forever
my sun is yours
did you know it finds you
when your eyes are opened?
a seed, free to be…
floating with something
the embers keep you alive
. . .
but i have a secret
come up for air
i’m thankful that i know
what happens to seeds
who are loved

© r.e.l. 3/5/11

image “the sun”

posted for Jingle Poetry week 25


moving too fast
leads to doubt
allowing no feeling
all that you are
along the way

even if eyes on your words
can be a form of touch
you long for
you are precious
and grow
like a little seed in its bud
into a flower

be patient
all in good time…

© r.e.l. 5/28/10

inspired by my daughter

photo by Lori Tuttle

posted for Poetry Potluck 4/17-4/23/11 on Jingle Poetry