float away from seeing

when i cannot
put a word
to it…

when i know it is
along inside its own

when you have no idea
and float away from seeing

its polar opposite
in you
for me

© r.e.l. 7/30/11

image by simeon schatz

Posted for Poetry Potluck 7/31-8/6/11 on Jingle Poetry

to say to you

it will all be ok…
your heart
exposed to the perilous space
which took your breath
led by that which
lures you into the current
you need
love directs your course
you know..

and it is no mistake
that you felt him looking at you
as if looking through
knowing all in an instant
that day
more than once
as if to say to you silently
yet directly
some day you will be mine

© r.e.l. 7/27/10

Posted for Poetry Picnic 8/28-9/3/11 on Gooseberry Garden