20 thoughts on “behind your eyelids

  1. tq for coming by my blog my friend.. am on sabbatical for awhile and have fun with potluck and thursday rally.. this is really a great haiku i am reading!

  2. I sense something deep behind the words.
    But unfortunately you’ve lost me. What’s the ‘forever’ behind the eyelids and the significance of the tree in relation to your prose?

    Appreciate your sharing of thoughts.

    • about closing your eyes and feeling like you can see forever in there.. the tree symbolizes a vision in this place..
      [but it’s whatever you want it to mean. everything i write has multiple meanings to whoever reads it].

    • cool… you can “see forever” with your eyes closed… another take on it.. when your eyes are closed you can see so much more than when opened. have a nice day

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