only time, constantly

something right
brought me to
carry the fire

shut your eyes or look away
i’m only time, constantly
stopping only
in a memory

© r.e.l. 6/14/11

image of old clocks

Posted for Thursday Poets Rally 6/15-6/22/11 on Promising Poets

Featured in All Out Emotion on redbubble

34 thoughts on “only time, constantly

  1. Robin, I really enjoy the way you’re able to capture a moment in such a succinct manner. I just love the notion of time, animated, having the conscience to stop, I’m thinking out of respect, for the past. thanks for posting:)

    • you’re welcome… time does seem to stop for me, while continue on for others… and isn’t it really both for all of us at times? i could mess with the notion of time, forever 🙂

  2. Indeed a brief yet consuming concept of time; how still we are in the grasp of a memory.
    A pleasure reading you once again, Robin.

    ~Beautiful dreams
    Robert Joseph

  3. I can get lost in the flow of time, pausing just to blink, and find things have shifted around me. A memory is the black hole of time, collecting seconds and moments to its center where they become bright flashes and then are gone.

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