you know
is because it
is your way to find
me where i am… where
the edge meets the whisper
that washes away the sands of
surrender, to touch me with patience

© r.e.l. 5/30/11

image of me by simsha

posted on Poetry Potluck 5/29-6/4/11 on Jingle Poetry

21 thoughts on “why

  1. Robin, thanks for visiting my site. I’m glad you included your site’s address in the comment. You have a very nice site here. i really enjoy the images to go along with the words. This poem Why is really nice. Brevity with not only a mental image but also the staircase picture created by your words. Also thought the lack of punctuation was a great idea here. This piece can be read in a few manners, dependent on how the reader pauses- Why, Why you Know- Nicely done:)

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