of all that whispers

swirls of life
and tears
we move past it…

as our hearts dig deep
to the soul
of all that whispers,
we know
without question
that which tells a story
in the spaces of us
and that which lives
forever in a moment

© r.e.l. 11/24/11

image by simeon schatz

Posted for Poetry Picnic 11/27-12/3/11 on Goosberry Garden


if you ever feel
each piece of you,
a flower petal,
thrown and left alone
on the ground
without a cause…

just remember
that you are
a forest of flowers…

© r.e.l. 10/13/11 + simsha

image by simeon schatz

Posted for Poet’s Rally 10/19-10/25/11 at The Poetry Palace

Received the Perfect Poet Award… Thank you, I accept 🙂  I nominated Sarah Johnston for next week.

Featured in Feminine Intent on redbubble