wood path

i will be with you

in it

soon after

for the first time

when our paths

lead to

how right we are

on our wood path

to us

© r.e.l. 1/23/12

Posted for Thursday Poet Rally 1/25-31/12 on Promising Poets Parking Lot

Thank you, Ava, and poet community for the Perfect Poet Award 🙂  I accept.  For next week I nominate Poetry Road

as if i’ll know

hear me
as if you feel
who i am…

as if you’re about
to melt
but don’t know how

as if you are the only person
who i’m speaking
to now

as if these words
mean something
maybe the world
to you

as if i’ll know
your heart is
beating faster

as if
your wish
just came true

© r.e.l. 1/7/12

image by s i m s h a

Posted for Thursday Poet’s Rally 1/12-/18/12 on Promising Poet’s Parking Lot

Recited live for Jonathan Montaldo poetry event at CIIS 2/28/12

Posted on Medium 3/18/14