covers of me, of time

you complete me as you rise

to fill every gap

with each perfect



you truly

to be full

of cells


in your deep

as the covers of me

of time



purely invisible

© r.e.l. 3/31/11

image “mountaintree5” by simsha

inspired by kundalini energy, induced by hatha yoga

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your wish

what is your wish?
why don’t you tell it to me

so i can keep it safe in the place
where the trees know
your name

and why not tell me too
if you are for real
in a place where i am you
and you are me

did i tell you yet that you are my wish?

© r.e.l. 3/30/11

image of my wishng tree…

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can i face you, ghost
and know everything
that what isn’t said
could be
but is masked instead in a mist…

its chosen way
lose yourself
in me
when you feel you see me
but don’t

a side of me, you follow
gone like mist, maybe sleeping

eyes lost
proudly to you
and for you

© r.e.l. 3/15/11

this poem inspired uncleblack to compose a song ‘ghost’ using these lyrics… posted on bandcamp (the katie winter).

thank you! 🙂

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thank you

[image by saltmotion]

thanks so much, fiveloaf, for the Versatile Blogger award.  it’s quite the honor coming from you.. i so enjoy your writing.  here are seven facts about me:

  • i have a war with time (always more passionate about doing something over being on time),
  • i’m a mother lion of three crazy and intelligent kids,
  • i live in the trees,
  • i’m inspired by staring into a fireplace,
  • i love to imagine who the wind touches next which just touched me,
  • yoga is a way of life for me,
  • in my previous life i lived in the warm ocean


i’d like to pass this award on to:

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reason realized

you are my soul…

i see you as i am inside
looking out
to feel
with your magical sight
positioning yourself
to give me eyes

but still i ask
who are you anyway?
i know what i know what i don’t have
do you?

you have spaces
that my spaces fit in always
leaving me speechless
you are precious and tough
i’m reaching for you

you are a smile that lasts from the first light
to the last dream of you
and for you…

to see you is to hear you
knowing this about me
ever-changing as you read
my mind
to bring me my finest moments

and so i speak to you
we are reason realized
my world inside
as my tiny roots blend with you

© r.e.l. 3/4/11

posted for Thursday’s Poet Rally, week 39 (march 3-9)

thank you, Jingle, for the Perfect Poet Award 🙂  I accept…  [For next week I nominate Loomings poetry ]

featured in Feminine Intent on redbubble