reason realized

you are my soul…

i see you as i am inside
looking out
to feel
with your magical sight
positioning yourself
to give me eyes

but still i ask
who are you anyway?
i know what i know what i don’t have
do you?

you have spaces
that my spaces fit in always
leaving me speechless
you are precious and tough
i’m reaching for you

you are a smile that lasts from the first light
to the last dream of you
and for you…

to see you is to hear you
knowing this about me
ever-changing as you read
my mind
to bring me my finest moments

and so i speak to you
we are reason realized
my world inside
as my tiny roots blend with you

© r.e.l. 3/4/11

posted for Thursday’s Poet Rally, week 39 (march 3-9)

thank you, Jingle, for the Perfect Poet Award 🙂  I accept…  [For next week I nominate Loomings poetry ]

featured in Feminine Intent on redbubble

39 thoughts on “reason realized

  1. This is a beautiful site, Robin! I’m building a site with iWeb, and I don’t see graphic options like you have. Can I ask how this site was developed?


  2. Robin, these words are like a steady wind, blowing our of Presence back into Presence. It is a holy, holy work to make the Silence alive in Soul, to make the Divine close, intimate, beautiful with Love. You shine.

    • thank you… on this one i felt like there needed to be a big breath or sigh in between stanzas… glad you liked it. and the graphic is taken by a magical photographer.. i will give him your comment 🙂

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