even if you aren’t sure


at peace.

to hear the silence of the ripples before the storm

and to know that you are always

the best part of you

…even if you aren’t sure

© r.e.l. 1/25/11

image ‘Night fisherman’ by Lorenzo Castello

featured in Feminine Intent on redbubble

posted for Poetry Potluck week 20: Peace, Relaxation, Spirituality on Jingle Poetry

22 thoughts on “even if you aren’t sure

  1. magical imagery,
    love the boat in the river image…

    Thanks for contributing poetry potluck week 20, support us by visiting and commenting for a dozen poets starting from our latest entries, 201, 200, 199, 198, 197, 196, 195, stop when you feel that you have enough.


    • i usually start at the top and have done my dozen + but i think it’s becoming a daily part of my routine to randomly chose more poets to view and enjoy. so much talent. again, can’t thank you enough for making initial contact with me…
      when is the next poets rally?

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