a fine ordinary moment

dear fine moment… my first few sips of coffee,

you change my life.  you hold a memory of all other days, alive with transitions from dreamy to present.
as the fog clears, starry-eyed i begin to plan my day in a fine moment.

you witness me as my dreams come to mind, as i walk in the shadows of time becoming conscious.

and in the peace of my home before the storm, children sleeping, cats purring, sun rising, even though you don’t last long, you help me realize
that fine moments in life exist…

© r.e.l. 2/25/11

10 thoughts on “a fine ordinary moment

  1. Sometimes you know you are going to love something from the very first lines…
    “dear fine moment… my first few sips of coffee,

    you change my life.”
    I got teary, I swear.
    thats such a small glorious thing, isnt it?

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