covered in moss

write with me
… as if i’m writing you
… as if i hear only your voice

your substance, your curves, your nuances, your eyes
as if for the first time
seeing me, perhaps
as a tiny particle of life in the ripple of a pond

it’s true, i remember the stars
when we first met

did you know that the cobble stones
on our path
each covered in moss
know that to provide direction
to you
is to cheat you of your trail of treasures in life?

… with your warm beaming clouds

listen to them
(.  .  .)
i do

© r.e.l. 5/27/12

Posted for Thursdays Poet Rally 6/6-6/13/12 on Hyde Park Poetry

29 thoughts on “covered in moss

  1. I could see myself walking in the woods down a cobblestone path and just beyond the trees I could see a sparkling pond and I wanted to so badly to jump in and cool off, but there were no short cuts to reach it and no one was there to give me directions. I had to learn the path or rather paths myself. There were many and finally I selected the right way and reach the pond; I reached my goal.
    I think it was beautiful; it was every day life and all the decisions we have to make. Loved it. Thanks so much for sharing. Be blessed!

  2. Its been some time since I had a chance to be entranced by your poetry. This was truly a beautiful piece, well crafted and with great meaning. This being said my favorite part was the opening two lines, the concept behind those two lines I found to be the profound part of this work. Well done.

  3. write with me
    … as if i’m writing you
    … as if i hear only your voice

    I loved these three lines and I imagined that the poem would go somewhere deeper with these three lines.

    I think the writer often falls into the trap of evoking the cliches. I’m guilty of it too. I like the poem, don’t get me wrong, but maybe you could have a sequel or a prequel that starts in the same way.

    Just a thought, not a criticism.

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