also absolutely

photographer: Chris Burkard (image of surfer Peter Mendria on Chile’s West Coast)


as it seems… there is a you
that experiences something other
like a wave with its ocean,
or a particle of air with its vast space
as if you, the wave
join with the other, the ocean
and yet,

also absolutely
something larger

© r.e.l. 5/23/11

inspired by Erich Schiffmann meditations

Posted for The Thursday Post 26.5.11 on Ethereal Heights

Posted for Poetry Potluck 5/29-6/4/11 on Jingle Poetry

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Featured in Nautical on their “Special Gallery – Poems and Images that Delight” on redbubble

but you were transfixed

i don’t know what you were looking at,
or who you are
but you were transfixed…

i saw you as an apparition
all you have to do is stand there in space
where time is irrelevant

you make me high
and provided for… regardless of the rest

you make me see a perspective where it all feels
it has already become
before it has.

© r.e.l. 11/8/10

inspired by a poetic moment