silence speaks

Dear heart, sometimes I wonder who I am.  I feel like I’ve never done this before, like I am new to love.  Sometimes I get too nervous as if my vulnerable child is coming out of her shell for the first time. And when I do, I feel like a hummingbird alone in the rain.

A silent moment asks me to breathe in all that I feel and ‘stay with me please’ with eyes looking into me.  The answer is in the presence.  To really feel the present moment with ease is to not worry about anything else but it.  The answer is to not worry about needing to describe it in words, to anyone else or to myself.  Those who share the moment too, will know exactly what I mean anyway.  Silence speaks with a swirling energy between two people anyway, whether they are touching, across a room, or across the world. In that presence, another spirit is born… left to float off into the clouds at sunset but never to stop penetrating the everlasting moment.

© r.e.l. 7/24/10

Photo of Minnesota sunset by Michele Kamenar

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