kind of
in my
i adore
the way
you are
made of
as if gathered
for me

© r.e.l. 4/5/11

**published on Micropoetry 2/6/14

**featured in Love Bytes on redbubble

posted for Thursday Poets Rally 4/7-4/13/11 on Promising Poets

67 thoughts on “butterfly

  1. I think you should write greeting cards.
    and I hope you dont take that as an insult.
    Its just I cant shop for greeting cards ever because I end up crying in the aisle. And I swear, I have the same reaction reading your poems. I know its coming and BOOM!
    right in the heart.
    love love poems by you, my friend.

  2. wow! The stardust makes me think of Peter Pan a little bit, which is one of my favorite stories. Captivating words.

  3. i’m post 40
    but i have
    to reply

    i found you
    through dan’s blog
    glad i did
    there’s magic
    in ur words
    & i need some
    about right now
    the spiritual
    i need to

    i like ur site
    an oasis
    in cyberspace
    i’ll stop by
    from time to time
    for a drink

    may u always
    in the light
    my sister


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  7. thank you 32 followers of micropoetry society for favoring and retweeting my poem. especially, Lauree Ashcom ‏@LaureeAshcom Feb 6 @pssms “i would star that one over and over again if i could”

    you adoration my work invites me to create more. thank you. -robin

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