what would you write

what would you write to me if you could?
would you say what you feel,
what is real?

would the world spin
to a place
it hasn’t been
for you
for me
so we can understand…

what would you write?
tell me

© r.e.l. 10/3/12

posted for Thursday Poets Rally week 76 10/31/12-11/7/12 on Hyde Park

posted on Medium 3/18/14


8 thoughts on “what would you write

  1. I would say…
    I don’t know
    over and over again
    that this is the most honest position
    I keep finding myself in

    I don’t know
    But I love

    And I try to find all the places
    where love is absent within myself
    I try to find and remove these barriers

    I fail often
    but yet, I try

    this is what i would say

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