listen to me

a part of me
the one you already know
is already there
yes, me

when you’re not looking, i’m a wave
when you are looking, your choice

now listen to an idea
that i’m about to tell you..

watch your body
it’s breathing
it’s reading the river of your mind

© r.e.l. 10.22.12

Posted for 10/30/12-11/5/12 on Jingle Poetry

One thought on “listen to me

  1. Like the wind off a clear blue lake blows its answers to the mountains, take time to whisper the secrets to your heart, listening to every touch with your sacred ears. Sit and listen as the words write themselves onto the page. There are no mistakes here. It is all a rendition of your truth that you write down to share, so that you can touch… something other than the normal, regular you.

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