birds2when you’re losing your edge


your mirror

is reflected in all that you see

even you

…even you

you know how

without knowing

my eyes that are drawn

to your choice

to you

my time, precious

and still

you have captured me

© r.e.l. 2/27/13

as i remember

a_penwe met by accident.

not quite.

in all the ways i know
to explain what it meant
to watch my feelings
trickle down my logic
tease my soul
into believing i’m crazy
that day,

in a moment
my words [pause]
to express,

i can only explain
the paper
unused pen
blank screen
and feelings of you
still in the air
in me
as i remember

and how time
has a way
with the intrigue
of the heart

© r.e.l. 2/14/13