will i last?

you changed my life
as i went numb
waking with your lightning storm
inside in my dream
your fire, outside
of me…

i wondered, silently,
will i last through this next moment
in your presence?

drawn to you, still
forever in my memory

© r.e.l. 3/13/11

image “stormyard3” – a lightning storm

posted on Poetry Potluck-3/13-3/19/11 for Jingle Poetry

it is as true that i have you

don’t startle
with fear
of losing
to change…

it is as true that i have you as the ocean has the wave
even though a spark, like lightning
can shock me to know
you are not
who i thought…
as a moment witnessed
tells a secret.

and now
aloof to the subtle
you wonder who
these words are for now
without seeing that
am a mere mystery drawn to
attract the precious inside…

© r.e.l. 12/1/10

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we continue


be the lightning in me
that strikes relentless
wings outstretched
you speak to me
but what if i never see you
again as you are now
yet you have all-seeing ability
like a prophecy

i ride you now
like the wind and sun
the place in which we started
we continue
la façon dont nous avons commence
avons continuons
malgré tout,
tu as toujours aimé moi

© r.e.l. 7/9/10