i’m listening with my heart

you said you love me and then …
and then i breathe
inhale you
to find that your ‘no’ now is really fear
afraid of trusting the moment unfolding

the moment is beautiful, don’t you see
when i’m with you i see, i trust
when we’re apart sometimes it’s hard for me
it is like a bird flying away that i cannot capture
light yet i have a cage

trust me to return to you
i trust you
i’m on my way back already

you are weak and need me now most
i’m afraid to say so
you want to be in control and the one who decides
not the invisible hand of destiny
softly, she touches my life..
she knows you
yes, she is who i recognize in you

you leave me now with no voice
i am here to listen to your heart’s whisper
i feel your heart
silence is real

© r.e.l. 10/27/10

written together with Wingpoem

Featured on The Wonderful World of Words on redbubble

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