stand still now, precious moment

always dreaming of another way to wrestle with time…

to see my path through the hourglass of dreaming,
of moments that spiral without reason to nowhere specific
except the path
that is meant for me…

are you lost now in nothingness?
i thought you said you trust
the stepping stones you feel
with your barefeet, eyes closed.

you know that time hides behind thorns sometimes…
yet, i thrive
and live with its heartbeat
that never stops to lead its way.

stand still now, precious moment
you pierce me
lead me now to forever

© r.e.l. 12/28/10

submitted to caesura 2/5/14

**this post is for Thursday Poets Rally Week 36 (12/29-1/5/11) on Promising Poets

the key of life

(a new treat…written by my daughter 🙂

there is something out there
always something
looking for you
never expecting
it to be real
the key
of your life…

it rarely jingles on a chain
but in the cells
of who you are
passed down to you
through generations
for a reason
you find out over time.

find the hallway
in your heart,
look for the door
that fits your key.

how will you know when you have found it?
it will whisper to you
and don’t worry, you will hear it…

© by Cora, age 10, 12/27/10