beautiful one

come to me in a dream from far away, through smoky eyes or darkened skies.  fly…

do i describe a land or courage that only i know?

the river is near to take us
with few words it speaks clearly…

i felt you watch me as i slept. i reached my arms out
did you feel them?

you are listening… say something to me, beautiful one

© r.e.l. 1/7/11

Image of a liquid star

Submitted for Thursday Poets Rally week 37 (1/13-1/19/11) on Promising Poets

36 thoughts on “beautiful one

  1. Such a dreamy poem. I felt like I was hearing an angelic voice while I was floating through the mist and harps were playing.


    Yours sincerely,
    Philharmonic poet.

    • yes, i can see that you (and others) find that i might be speaking to an angel with my words… i was actually speaking to a person.. (the energy, the spirit) as it’s possible to create yourself in that form when you are thinking of someone.

  2. i love how you use abstractness in a subtle yet powerful way.
    Kudos Robin

    Hope we stay literary connected.

    Love and Light

  3. How are you?

    Please keep in mind to:

    #1: return favor to poets who visited you
    #2: complete 18 comments to your peers…or fresh poets to explore..

    Thanks for the lovely contribution, it is fun when everyone gets the job done…
    Happy Tuesday!


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