find a way to show me

as soon as i think i know
then i remember
that i don’t…

you’re already there
don’t forget
who you are

i won’t turn anything on
or off
can i just be me?

can’t you try to keep your soul
and fill your heart
but not take mine?

you mean let the ground speak
through my feet?

you’re irresistible to me
in ways that i cannot tell

find a way
to show me

© r.e.l. 2/8/11

featured in Imaginative Skulls on redbubble

posted for Poetry Potluck week 22 on Jingle Poetry

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17 thoughts on “find a way to show me

  1. Robin, this is so unique. I’m not sure how to relate yet, so many people in so many different places. But I do sense something very deep and authentic… and courageous in you. To allow the deep soul to sing out this longing for it’s other… for the divine/human encounter and intertwine is amazing.

    In the end won’t we sing…

    Ah… my love, we have traveled such a long ways for this kiss.

    Love to you,


    • you are sweet, blake… so many people 🙂 (you mean voices in this poem? it’s actually only two.. a little dialog). but i’m sure many people who read this are in different places too 🙂
      very authentic…. like a channeled script….

      always enjoy your thoughtful comments ….

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