the look in your eye

by simeon schatzyou know how sometimes
the stars have a mind
of their own
as they move on their way
to find the best way
to mix with the look in your eye?

in your eyes
i see
the same

© r.e.l. 2/27/11

posted for Poetry Potluck week 24 (2/27-3/5/11)

featured in FREEDOM IN WORDS & ART on redbubble

shared on Ethereal Heights

posted (partial) on Micropoetry

posted on Medium

submitted to The Poetic Bond IIII  7/12/14

image © simeon schatz

20 thoughts on “the look in your eye

  1. Ooohhh… this was deliciously beautiful, my dear Robin!! So so romantic… and I keep feeling this when I see my hubby’s eyes too… like they are the brightest and the most beautiful stars ever!

    I love watching stars (those in the sky ;)…in fact, when I was born, apparently the doctor had told my mom that I was born looking at the sky… (funny thing to say)…but there! Looks like I am living up to what he said…

    Enjooooyyyeed this poem a lot!!

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