what are you?

what is a heart, i ask

is it you? do you hear me?

flowing blood
protecting love
building walls
melting eyes

always beating . . . beating . . .

you carry lifetimes

of veins

of cells

and secrets of who we are

© r.e.l. 7/9/12

image of my soy latte by simeon schatz photography

covers of me, of time

you complete me as you rise

to fill every gap

with each perfect



you truly

to be full

of cells


in your deep

as the covers of me

of time



purely invisible

© r.e.l. 3/31/11

image “mountaintree5” by simsha

inspired by kundalini energy, induced by hatha yoga

posted for The Thursday Post on Ethereal Heights

Posted for Poetry Potluck 4/3-4/9/11 on Jingle Poetry