darkness you can find in your yoga practice: the psychology of you

Are you scared to face something within yourself? Do you sometimes feel that time is against you or that you cannot fulfill your wishes because of your fears?

You know that the answers are in your dark sides that you probably refuse to see.  Did you know that yoga has the potential to be the place to confront what’s most deep inside you?  This means, however, that you have the power to confront your darkest side of you in your yoga practice.

It’s a place only for the bold, that is for sure… But ask yourself,

“what are you scared of?”

It is true that we hide our darkest parts deep within our bodies.  The best parts stay locked up in our joints and tightest places:  hips, necks, shoulders, backs, and even feet.  When moving through yoga with deep breath, these gems–these secrets–can become free…


Unlocked, their messages trace through our blood as the prana moves relentlessly through us in a vibrant yoga practice.  It is the best kept secret.

As these parts of you move through you, and you encounter your difficulties, you can embrace them as gifts.  To visit them and set them free, is truly a gift.  An angel.

If you do not, these dark secrets stay below (inside your underworld), unconsciously controlling you.  They cause you to repeat ugly patterns as “a fly mindlessly beating itself to a pulp bumping against a window through which it cannot pass…attempting to escape its misery,” as put by Absolute Palaver.

Don’t be scared.  You have the power.  It is you that you are unlocking.  The true you.


© r.e.l. 12/30/10

Photo by Matin Demiralay of Turkey — demiralaymetin@hotmail.com

22 thoughts on “darkness you can find in your yoga practice: the psychology of you

  1. I will check it out. Maybe the next time we talk I will have gained enough knowledge to say something more intelligent than, it looks like only stretching.

    Sorry for that. My ignorance can be blamed.

    Thanks for the response!


    • no problem, tim. in fact i teach many beginners (one on one) so i’m used to hearing this… in the western world, some people think yoga is all just fitness like aerobics. once you get more involved you see the power it has spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and physiologically. what i mentioned in my article was really physiology… and we keep the “juice” in our bodies locked up and it shows in our bodies, on our face, in our speech, in our relationships and how we are in the world. if you unlock it, you would feel it and know.
      enjoy your new journey 🙂

  2. what else could I add to your wise words dear Robin. I always loved that English name: Robin; I instantly connect it to freedom, to that little bird that jumps free from one side to the other picking up crumbs; to that legendary hero from the forests of Sherwood. All free. Always to good.
    Thank you for showing us the path for that freedom
    franco sastre

  3. Robin,

    I started practicing yoga four years ago. I’m addicted, as you can imagine.

    After my husband of 22 years died 10 years ago, I floundered for two and half years and then began searching for an autonomous me. Through personality studies (which I write a lot about in my blog), I began to heal. Yoga has completed that healing. I can no more live without it than without water.

    Please tell us more of your wisdom.


    • debi, i’m so happy to hear your story.. i’m glad to hear how yoga has helped you…
      to read more about my writing, you can select category “yoga” at the top of my blog (above the photos). you can also read my SF Yoga Examiner articles under the “links” category.
      enjoy 🙂

  4. Hi Robin — nice to see you again! I love the idea “it is you that you are unlocking”.

    I’ve been on a lifelong quest to unlock myself — and keep finding new facets, new reflections of me. I practice yoga — not consistently enough, perhaps a NY resolution! — and it does deepen my inner knowing and my ability to move with grace and ease in the world around me.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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